Wait Until You Hear What This Flight Attendant Did – Watch

This flight attendant deserves a raise, no, he deserves a medal. Some people just don’t enjoy flying, and there are some who have aerophobia. This is an extreme fear of flying. 

A passenger was flying from Charlotte-Douglas International Airport in North Carolina to JFK International Airport in New York that attempted to confront her fear while flying with Delta. 

This woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, confided with another passenger, Molly Simonson Lee, that she was very nervous to fly. Lee watched what took place and shared it with the world. 

Lee told the press that the woman “was very nervous and even before the plane took off, she was visibly shaken by each sound.”

Floyd Dean-Shannon was a flight attendant on this woman’s flight. Lee said, “He took notice and began explaining what each [sound] was, with the warmest, calmest tone,” Lee said.

When the passenger started crying, Dean-Shannon actually sat on the floor next to the passenger and held her hand. He comforted the woman for the rest of the flight with a tone that Lee said was “kind and soothing.”

That’s not all, Lee said another woman on the flight was celebrating a birthday, so Dean-Shannon made her a “cake” with some goodies he found. 

People on social media are loving this flight attendant. Miranda Anderson wrote, “I hope you see this! These are the types of people that deserve raises and make your company worth flying with. This is what pits [sic] you above the others so show these employees this is what you want and what you need.”

“I love this. This is what society is lacking. Empathy and kindness towards people in time[s] of need” wrote Diane Lawrence.

While Mary Beth Acker Ford, said, “I was on a flight with him today. He exudes joy and is intentional about making a connection with each person!”


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