Amy Grant Shares About Her Recovery

Grammy Award-winning artist Amy Grant is sharing about her recovery since having a concussion from a bicycle accident last July. 

“My memory is still coming back, and the stamina, they say 12-18 months after an injury like that,” the 62-year-old singer told the press backstage at the Live at the Music Center: Concert Celebrating Jerry Moss in Los Angeles on Jan. 14.

She said that six months after the accident she feels really good and hopes to get even better. But she also revealed the struggles she is having with memory issues, including the lyrics from her mega-hits like “Baby, Baby.”

“So far, right now, I use a teleprompter,” she said. “There’s one tonight. I’m so glad. I used a teleprompter on the Christmas Tour.” 

Grant also said that the memory issues often hit her during a conversation with longtime friends and it can be awkward for her. 

“So, I was at dinner the other night with a high school friend. We used to spend the night at each other’s houses. I said, ‘I’m embarrassed to ask you, are you and your husband still together?’ She said that Douglas died seven years ago, and it was like I had just heard it for the first time!” she recalled.

She has just decided to be candid about her problems and that decision has turned into a blessing for her. 

“Like, I saw someone at the airport, and they said, ‘Hey it’s good to see you!’ I said, ‘Call me crazy. You’re going to have to tell me your name!’ It was someone I knew,” recalled the singer, adding, “Everyone would like this excuse! Everyone should do this. It makes life easier to just say the truth of what is.”

Amy Grant hit a pothole while riding her bicycle with a friend. She was wearing a helmet at the time and was taken to Vanderbilt University Medical Center in Nashville, Tennessee.

She ended up having to cancel her concerts from August through October so that she could recover. 


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