You Just Can’t Miss This Daddy Daughter Wedding Dance…40 Million Views and Counting!

Who doesn’t love the father and daughter dance at a wedding reception? They sometimes involve sugary, sweet “butterfly kisses,” but they are not usually filled with the best dance moves. 

That’s not the case with bride Brittany Revell and her dad, Kelly. Their dance was so awesome, that millions of people watched with wide eyes on social media. 

Brittany and Kelly’s video has more than 40 million views on TikTok! It shows the two grooving in sneakers as they danced through the decades. 

It all began with Young MC’s “Bust a Move,” and that was certainly a foreshadowing of things to come. 

The duo did a handful of iconic moves—the tootsie roll, the MC Hammer dance, and the Carlton, but the fan favorite was “the Dougie.”

Brittany certainly had some dancing skills, but her father stole the show. He nailed every move and kept a proud grin on his face the whole time. 

Brittany wrote on the post with the video, “Reason number 1838329194920 why I love my dad.” And the comments shared love for him as well!


“I aspire to this level of smooth.”

“Pops got moves!!????”

“He really is the main character ????????”

“This is probably THE best TikTok I’ve ever seen. You and your dad are legit rockstars!! Congratulations!!” 

The bride told the press that she and her dad have been learning dance moves for fun since she was little. “He has always had some rhythm, but I did not know he could pick up the moves like that,” she said.

“I think it’s kind of unique to see a dad of Asian descent be able to open up, let loose and just embrace their American child’s music and culture,” she said.

Let’s hope that their living room fun is not done, we need to see more of this dynamic duo!

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