Wait Until You Get a Load of This Doppelgänger!

Does everyone have a doppelgänger? People love them and it is fascinating to find people who look alike. 

There was a recent story about parents who were not so pumped about who their baby looked like. They weren’t too sure about reports that their baby girl looked like a famous middle-aged man.

Dani Grier Mulvenna is the mother who shared a photo of her infant daughter Cora. She placed the baby’s picture side by side with a picture of famous actor Woody Harrelson on Twitter. 

Mulvenna used this caption that struck America’s funny bone: “Ok but how does our daughter look like Woody Harrelson?”

You can’t really argue with the remarkable resemblance. Comments and shared tweets grew into hundreds of thousands. 

After the jokes about Harrelson’s possibility of being the baby’s real father, people were surprised at one of the responses.

Harrelson himself saw the tweet and shared the picture of the two of them on his Instagram page. 

But his post included a wonderful little poem that he wrote called “Ode to Cora.”

“You’re an adorable child

 Flattered to be compared

 You have a wonderful smile

 I just wish I had your hair!”

What a great response from the beloved actor. People loved his self-deprecating joke about his former hairline. 

Mulvenna was overjoyed at the attention from Woody and talked about how much fun this will be for her daughter one day. 

“You’ve made our day ❤️ can’t wait to show her this when she’s older, you have another fan for life xxx,” she wrote.

But this mother also wanted the world to know that her daughter doesn’t always look so much like Harrelson. She posted another picture to prove it. 

A lot of people were glad to see social media used for something so wholesome and cute. More, please. 


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