Violent Monkey Attack Claims Life of Boy Activity

In the village of Salki, India, a gang of aggressive monkeys has been linked to a tragic incident where a 10-year-old boy, Dipak Thakor, lost his life. The boy was playing with friends when he was attacked by the monkeys, resulting in one of the animals causing severe harm by digging its claws into him and tearing out his intestines. Despite immediate efforts to seek medical attention, Thakor succumbed to his injuries upon arrival at the hospital.

This incident marks the third attack by the gang of monkeys in the village within a week, raising concerns among local officials and residents. The monkeys responsible for these attacks remain at large, prompting authorities to take action. Forest official Vishal Chaudhary confirmed ongoing efforts to address the issue, including the capture of two langurs and the installation of cages to trap others. The gang reportedly consists of four adult monkeys who have been involved in multiple attacks in the past week.

Encounters with aggressive monkeys are not uncommon in India, and earlier this year, a similar incident involved the abduction of a 3-year-old child by a monkey. In that case, the child was carried up a cliff by the monkey, leading to a multi-hour search by the police. Fortunately, the child was safely located and returned to their parents.

The tragic death of Dipak Thakor highlights the ongoing challenges faced by communities dealing with aggressive monkey behavior. Efforts to address the issue involve a combination of capturing and relocating the animals responsible for the attacks and implementing preventive measures to minimize future incidents. Authorities are keen on resolving the situation to ensure the safety of residents, given the recent string of attacks in the village.

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