Shocking Update In Case of Pastor Days After Wife Committed Suicide

A pastor from Solid Rock at Market Common Church in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has been released from his ministerial functions following the death of his wife, Mica Miller, at the age of 30. The release came just weeks after Mica made a video speaking out against abuse within marriages. Pastor John-Paul Miller, 44, is himself a former convict with a history of offenses including multiple counts of aggravated assault and battery, to which he has pleaded guilty.

In an email seen by News13, overseer Charles Randall said that he was releasing Pastor Miller from his duties in order for him to take some time for healing, counsel, and guidance as per their governing instrument. This follows Mica’s death, which was discovered on April 27 at Lumbee River State Park in North Carolina, where her body was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

In the weeks leading up to her passing, Mica shared a video where she spoke about abuse within marriages and offered support to anyone struggling with leaving a dangerous situation. She urged people to remember that they are the bride of Christ and to seek help if they are facing abuse.

In another development, ABC reported that Mica had filed police reports against a man in March for harassment. She had also expressed fear for her life after finding a tracking device on her car and having her tires repeatedly deflated.

Mica’s death has sparked a rally outside Solid Rock Church, where Pastor Miller works, with her friends and family calling for justice for her. The rally attendees have pushed back at her husband’s explanation of her death as suicide, with her sister Sierra Brown saying in an interview with that there is still an open investigation. Meanwhile, Mica had filed for divorce from her husband just 48 hours before her death, after previously withdrawing her petition in February.

Court records have provided insight into the tumultuous marriage between the Millers, with Mica filing for divorce back in October 2023 before withdrawing it months later. In March 2023, Pastor Miller filed for Separate Support and Maintenance, but this motion was also withdrawn shortly after. However, on April 15, just 12 days before her death, Mica filed for divorce again and also sought a no-contact order against her husband.

In an interview with ABC15, Pastor Miller reiterated that his wife had taken her own life, claiming that she had struggled with suicide before and that they had always managed to get through it with the help of doctors and faith. He also described his wife as the “greatest wife anyone could ask for” and reminisced about their long conversations together.

Mica’s friends Kenn and Allicia Young have come forward to insist that they do not believe that she took her own life. Allicia, a member of the Solid Rock Church, stated in an interview with NewsNation that she had never seen any signs of Mica struggling with mental health issues. She also recounted how they would often have lunches together and work out together, and described Mica as a source of encouragement for herself and others.

This sentiment was echoed by Kenn, who described Mica as energetic and unwavering in her faith. Despite Pastor Miller’s claim that she battled suicide, Mica’s friends maintain that they do not believe she took her own life and are calling for a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding her death.


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