Regular Joe Turns Hero When Tornado Strikes With NO Warning

Portage, Michigan was struck by a tornado on Tuesday evening, leaving residents in shock and devastation.

The city, located just south of Kalamazoo, was hit by two tornadic storms, with the first one hitting unexpectedly with little warning. The tornado caused significant damage to buildings and trees, and several residents have shared terrifying stories of surviving the storm.

Amanda Miller, who works at Jude’s Barber Shop, described the moment the tornado hit their business. She was in the break room when she heard a commotion and rushed out to the floor. Her coworker was still with a client when they realized a tornado was on their doorstep.

Miller told FOX Weather, “The door was flapping open, and one of the girls went to lock it, then the hall windows shattered, and the roof was gone, basically.” Miraculously, Miller and her coworker managed to escape without any injuries, thanks to a client who covered them with his body until the storm passed.

Another business in the area, the local FedEx building, was also destroyed by the tornado. Josh Manning, who worked at a nearby warehouse, had a narrow escape after his wife called to warn him about the storm. She had seen the warning on television and begged him to take shelter. Manning listened and recorded a video of the scene as the tornado tossed truck containers around the premises. He also managed to warn the guard at the front gate, possibly saving her life. Thankfully, she rode out the storm in the guard shack.

The tornado caused significant damage to the Pavilion Estates Mobile Home Park, with the sheriff’s office reporting that at least 176 homes were damaged and between 16 and 20 injuries were reported across the county. However, officials have stated that none of the injuries were serious, and all victims were taken to local hospitals for treatment. The storm also caused power outages, gas leaks, and blocked roads in the affected areas.

The extent of the damage caused by the tornado can be seen in the photos and videos taken after the storm passed. Entire sections of the neighborhood are bare, with houses and trees ripped from their foundations. Meteorologist Steve Bender noted the intensity of the storm, saying, “Notice the trees are completely shredded. So they’re not toppled over. The limbs are ripped from one another.” Mobile homes were overturned, and semi-trucks were tossed around, with some heavy containers landing on top of others.

In response to the disaster, city officials in Portage have taken quick action to help affected residents. Non-emergency offices were closed on Wednesday, and residents were advised to stay off the roads and shelter in place. Shelters have been set up for those who have been displaced, and crews have been working to restore power and clear roads. Portage Mayor Patricia M. Randall has also declared an emergency in order to secure resources from the state and federal government. Residents in need of assistance have been urged to call 211.

The cleanup and recovery efforts in Portage are ongoing, with officials and volunteers working tirelessly to assess the damage and provide assistance to those affected by the tornado. Mayor Randall expressed her gratitude for the swift response from emergency services and the outpouring of support from the community.

She also urged residents to continue to stay safe and follow instructions from local officials. The full extent of the damage caused by the tornado is still being determined, but the resilience and strength of the Portage community shines through in the face of this natural disaster.


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