SC Man Dies After Fireworks Accident

Today, we’ve got a story that serves as a tragic reminder of the dangers of fireworks, especially when mixed with alcohol and a desire to “show off.” This incident comes from South Carolina, where a man’s ill-fated attempt to entertain ended in disaster on Independence Day.

Allen Ray McGrew, a 41-year-old resident of Summerville, South Carolina, tragically lost his life on the Fourth of July after igniting a large firework on top of his head.

According to officials from the Dorchester County Sheriff’s Office, the accident occurred around 10:20 p.m. on a street in a subdivision where a block party was being held.

The sheriff’s office reported that McGrew set off the firework in what appeared to be a reckless attempt to impress others. Unfortunately, the device exploded while still on his head, causing catastrophic injuries. Despite the immediate response from those around him, McGrew was pronounced dead at the scene.

McGrew’s wife provided some context to the harrowing incident. She told deputies that they had been celebrating Independence Day with neighbors, and her husband had been drinking for several hours.

It was during this time of festivity and intoxication that McGrew decided to place the firework on his head. His wife, aware of the danger, pleaded with him to stop, but tragically, the firework ignited and exploded before he could heed her warnings.

Witnesses described the horrifying moment when McGrew collapsed immediately following the explosion. The fireworks display that was meant to entertain turned into a nightmarish scene, leaving those present in shock and grief.

Independence Day was reportedly McGrew’s favorite holiday, a time he usually looked forward to celebrating. The Post and Courier noted that the firework involved in the accident was legal, highlighting that even lawful fireworks can be deadly when misused.


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