HOA President Behavior Called Into Question After Video

Let’s dive into a story that’s making waves on social media. It involves a Tennessee man, a community pond, and an unfortunate incident with a fishing rod that has left many people outraged.

The story begins with two young friends enjoying a day of fishing at a pond in the Admirals Landing neighborhood. What should have been a peaceful outing turned chaotic when an irate man confronted them. The heated exchange was captured on video and has since gone viral, garnering over 18 million views.

In the video, the man approaches one of the boys, grabs his $200 fishing rod, and snaps it over his knee. The other boy, who was filming the encounter, can be heard shouting, “Don’t f–king touch my rod!” The aggressor then starts yelling at the boys, accusing them of trespassing and threatening further violence.

The boy filming the video calmly tells the man they are waiting for the police because he had threatened them. However, the man continues his tirade, demanding they leave the area. He even threatens to throw the boy’s phone into the lake, saying, “You want that phone to go in the lake, young man?” and “Don’t test me.”

Throughout the video, two other adults can be seen backing up the man from behind some shrubbery. The man, wearing a “Tennessee Strong” T-shirt, gets progressively louder, telling the boys, “Get the hell out of here — now.” He also claims they will be prosecuted and forced to pay fines, calling them derogatory names.

A woman in the background adds fuel to the fire by suggesting that the man is the president of the homeowners association. “Hey listen, he knows everyone,” she says. “He’s the president, he’s lived here for years.” She also accuses the boys of not living in the neighborhood.

The boys remain calm, stating they live in Tennessee, though it’s unclear exactly where. The video, captioned “Drunk Karen breaks my $200 St. Croix rod,” has led many to believe the man was intoxicated. Social media users were quick to condemn his actions, with some suggesting he was drunk based on his swaying and slurring speech.

Social media influencer Michael McWhorter, known as TizzyEnt on TikTok, commented on the incident, highlighting the hypocrisy of the man’s actions. “This dude has the nerve to roll up on them, swaying and slurring, sounding drunk … then has the nerve to, with his whole chest, get in that kid’s face and call him the d–k in that scenario,” he said.

Another social media personality, Collin Rugg, shared the video with his 1.2 million followers, dubbing the man “Male Karen of the month.” The video sparked a flurry of comments from people outraged by the man’s behavior. One commenter remarked, “Way to be a tough guy with little kids,” while another added, “Take away joy from kids and wonder why they start getting into trouble.”


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