Husband Sneaks Into Garage for Months to do This for His Paralyzed Wife – Watch

    Those of us who are married have probably said it in our wedding vows, we promise to love one another “in sickness and in health.” But few of us have walked this promise out as beautifully as Brad and Liz. 

    These two have had a wonderful life together, they have three children and their family is full of happiness and laughter. 

    Except for one day, their family was in an automobile accident after one of their tires burst and Brad lost control of the car as it flipped over off of the road. 

    Brad and the children only suffered minor injuries, but Liz hurt her back severely and was left paralyzed from her waist down.

    This woman never let her condition prevent her from living life to the fullest. And she had a loving husband and wonderful kids by her side all the way. 

    She did feel like the accident took away one of the things she loved most, hiking with her family. Because Brad knew how much she loved this adventure, he made it his mission to create the possibility for her again. 

    Brad spent three months going to his garage and working on a special wheelchair for his wife. He tried and failed and tried and failed, but eventually he created an all-terrain cart that kind of looked like a tank!

    It came time for Liz to finally see what her husband was doing for all those hours in his garage. And when he unveiled his creation, it was beyond her belief. 

    Brad, who is a war veteran, was able to see the extreme joy in her eyes. From that point on, he decided that he would continue this kind of world for the injured soldiers from the front lines of battle. 

    What a great story of love that never fails and love that keeps on giving.



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