Golden Globes Are Back From Being Blacklisted…Did You Miss Them?

The Golden Globes is returning in January of 2023 after being sidelined with what some have called “woke” probation.

Hollywood and NBC’s awards presentation was blacklisted because of “sins” that were common knowledge for decades. 

But now, all is well and NBC has made a deal for the awards show that will be in effect for just one year. This allows the Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA) to explore new opportunities for domestic and global distribution across a variety of platforms in the future, according to the press release announcing the return. 

They are back in good graces due to HFPA’s affirmative action hiring spree.

“The HFPA recently announced that it had added 103 new voters to its membership, which previously had dipped to around 80. The group added voters based outside of the U.S. for the first time; the HFPA said the Globes voting body voting pool is now 52% female, 51.5% racially and ethnically diverse, with 19.5% Latinx, 12% Asian, 10% Black and 10% Middle Eastern,” according to a press release.

That means that HFPA went from no black members, something both NBC and Hollywood had been aware of for years and nobody ever said anything about it, to huge diversity.

Now people will be watching to see how long this new mix lasts. 

The big question people are asking is who the new host will be. That becomes tricky due to the “edge” that most comedians like to walk on. Some have said that the Globes are out to put it all out there and get Ricky Gervais back. But that’s pretty dangerous, some believe that his two years in a row is part of the reason for the blacklisting. 

Ellen would be a whole lot safer for the production, but who wants an old boring show like the present Oscars and Emmys? 

The last Emmy production had the lowest ratings ever. 

We will know soon, and we’ll see if America has missed them.



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