Fox Producer Drops Bomb to James O’Keefe About Tucker’s Firing – Watch

In a bombshell interview with James O’Keefe, who left his investigative journalism venture Project Veritas and went on to start O’Keefe Media Group (OMG), a former Fox News producer has alleged that Tucker Carlson was fired as part of a secret deal between Fox News and Dominion Voting Systems. Dominion had sued the news channel for $1.6 billion, claiming that the outlet defamed the company by airing claims that its voting systems were rigged.

The producer, who has not been identified, said that Carlson was targeted by Dominion after he aired a series of segments on the company’s alleged role in the 2020 election. The producer said that Fox News executives were pressured by Dominion to fire Carlson and that they ultimately caved to the pressure.

Here is a part of that interview:

O’KEEFE: OMG News has obtained incendiary footage of a Fox News producer talking about Tucker Carlson’s departure, the Dominion settlement, and the influence that advertisers and pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer have over the embattled network.

FOX PRODUCER SEAN LANGILLE: They gave them [Dominion] money. They say it wasn’t part of it. But we’re learning that, Tucker getting fired was part of that.

UNDERCOVER REPORTER: Tucker getting fired was part of the Dominion lawsuit? Well, so did Tucker leave or did you guys part ways or Tucker was ousted?

LANGILLE: Yeah, he was ousted. Well, he brought up things that cost the company a lot of money…That, that was part of it. He was going to go after this whole thing about January 6 was… It was an inside job. He went after this guy Ray Epps, he said he was an FBI agent on the inside…. And basically encouraged it. He was going to go on the air and refute what that guy said on 60 Minutes. And the Murdochs were like, not too happy about it.

The producer’s allegations are significant because they provide new evidence of the extent to which Dominion has been trying to silence critics of its voting machines. Dominion has filed a series of lawsuits against critics, including Fox News, Sidney Powell, and Mike Lindell.

Whatever Carlson does, his firing is a major moment in the conservative media landscape. It is a sign that the left is willing to use its power to silence its critics, and it is a reminder that the First Amendment is under attack.


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