Fed Up with the Stress and Strain of Cooking Christmas Dinner? Heinz to the Rescue!

Are you tired of all the work and effort that goes into making your Christmas dinner? Do you suffer from having people all around you who won’t pitch in and then barely offer any gratitude for all your sweat and strain in the kitchen?

Then the Heinz company has something just for you this Christmas season. 

You may know of Heinz for the ketchup and mustard their popular marketing slogan is “There’s a sauce for that.”

But in the United Kingdom, Heinz is known for their soup. You can get oxtail soup, carrot soup, and coriander soup, but now they have a really big soup to offer. It comes in larger cans with bigger pieces.

Heinz is offering the soup that broke the internet last year…Christmas Dinner Big Soup. This is the soup that sold out online in just three hours when it was first offered. This year, the company has made more, than 20,000 cans of it. They have even created a vegan version of the soup. 

Right now, you can only get this amazing offering in the United Kingdom, but how long can it be before those of us across the pond get this magic meal?

Here’s how it is being marketed: “Last Christmas, we gave you our soup, but the very next day, they’d all gone away. This year, to save everyone from tears, we’ll give it to someone special (you).”

The ingredients in Heinz Christmas dinner soup are familiar: turkey, pigs in blankets, Brussels sprouts, stuffing balls, potatoes, parsnips, carrots, cranberry sauce, and gravy. 

Are you hungry yet?

One review said that it smelled like “SpaghettiO’s.” 

Another said, “You know how when you mix all the colors of the rainbow you get brown?” They didn’t know whether to call it broth or gravy, so they called it “groth.”

So if you are surrounded by people that won’t help and aren’t grateful, this is the meal for them.


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