What Do You Know About Jim Carrey’s Only Child?

Jim Carrey is one of the most well-known comic actors there has ever been in Hollywood. The characters he has played have become iconic. 

But his life has not been easy, in fact after his parent’s divorce, Carrey had to quit school to work and provide for his family. At one point, Carrey’s family had to live in their car.

“For a while, we pitched a tent on my sister’s lawn in the country. And then for a while, we went to campsites around Ontario. And we’d use the facilities there and we actually had a lot of fun. We had more fun there than we did when we were doing this job that we didn’t like,” Carrey said.

At the age of 17, Carrey began to perform at comedy clubs in downtown Toronto. He eventually moved to L.A. and pursued his career as a comedian. 

At one point in his early career, he was forced to move back to Canada to help support his family. 

“I resented them because there had always been a lot of pressure on me to be the star, to save their lives, to buy them the big house with the pillars – like Elvis, you know? And it came to a head.

“I had no money. I had no jobs. And I couldn’t even come home to my own house because my parents were in the living room smoking. They were lovely people, but they got caught up in thinking they were going to be taken care of.”

While working for $25 a night, Carrey met Melissa Womer, a former actress, and a waitress at the Comedy Store. It wasn’t long before the two tied the knot and welcomed daughter Jane Erin Carrey, Carrey’s only child, in their lives.

They parted ways when Carrey’s career began to take off. 

”I was happy to take on the traditional wife and mother roles. He knows I’m a good woman, a good wife, a good mother. But, you know what? He’s not good husband material. Marriage takes empathy, commitment and sacrifice. The dude has changed,” Melissa told the media.

Jane, who is 35, is a mom of a 12-year-old son Jackson Riley Santana, whom she has with her former husband Alex Santana.

Carrey didn’t happen to be a good husband, but he certainly has been the best father Jane Erin Carrey could ever ask for.

Jane didn’t follow in her dad’s footsteps. Instead, she embraced music and is part of a band. Most people first heard of Jane when she auditioned for the 11th season of the popular show American Idol.


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