Web Sleuths Find ‘Lead’ In Mysterious Nashville Disappearance

The search for missing college student Riley Strain has taken a promising turn after two TikTok users found his credit card near the Cumberland River in Nashville while livestreaming their search. The TikTokers, known as @nobodyleftbehind13 and @annaclendening, were filming their search live on the popular app when they stumbled upon Strain’s credit card buried in leaves. The discovery was made possible by the help of a third user, @rileylively, who had organized the stream.

According to a spokesperson for the Strain family, the credit card was found in an area between Gay Street and the Cumberland River, where Strain was last seen on the evening of March 8. The location is close to where the last ping of his phone was recorded. Chris Dingman, a close friend and spokesperson for the family, confirmed that the card has been verified and has given the family “a thousand more questions than answers.”

The TikTok users were searching for possible evidence of Strain’s disappearance along the banks of the Cumberland River on Sunday. In a video posted to TikTok user @livelyriley’s account, one of the users can be heard exclaiming, “I found his credit card!” The other user quickly responds, “You found his credit card?… We gotta go. We gotta hang up the phone.” The TikTokers then took down the livestream and informed the family and authorities of their find.

Dingman expressed his gratitude towards the TikTok users for their help in the search. He stated that the two young ladies, along with other volunteers and friends of the family who were watching the live stream, immediately notified the authorities of the discovery. Dingman also praised their approach and kindness in handling the situation.

This discovery has provided a new lead in the search for Strain, but the family still has many questions. Dingman described Strain’s disappearance as “the perfect crime” due to the lack of evidence or witnesses. The family friend also stated that Strain’s family is requesting more resources to aid in the search effort and bring more clues to light.

On Tuesday afternoon, Strain’s family held a press conference to appeal for additional resources and assistance in finding their son. David Flagg, national director of operations for the United Cajun Navy, announced that the organization will be providing a hovercraft and pilot to assist in searching the Cumberland River.

Strain, a student at the University of Missouri, had been visiting Nashville for his fraternity’s spring formal trip. He was last seen leaving Luke’s 32, a bar located on Broadway, in the early hours of March 9. The bar staff had asked him to leave, as confirmed by a statement from the establishment. Police released a video of Strain greeting an officer shortly before his disappearance. According to the police, Strain did not appear distressed during this encounter.

A second video, provided by the TC Restaurant Group, who owns Luke’s 32, showed Strain inside the bar prior to his interaction with the officer. There was no evidence of a physical altercation or any confrontation with anyone. Strain’s friends reported him missing when he did not return to their accommodations at the Tempo by Hilton. Strain’s cousin, Chelsea Strain, stated that the family is “worried” and just wants him home.

The family’s primary concern is finding Strain and bringing him home safely. They also hope to gain more information and leads in the search. The TikTok users’ discovery has given them a new lead to follow, and they are grateful and hopeful for their continued help in finding Strain. The authorities are continuing to investigate the case, and anyone with information is urged to contact the Nashville Police Department. The Strain family is also offering a reward for any information leading to the safe return of their son.


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