Watch: Jon Stewart Goes Ballistic with Political Commentator

Actor Jon Stewart couldn’t keep his cool and had a screaming match with political commentator Jack Posobiec just outside of the Capitol on Monday.
There’s footage you can watch below that shows the public, the press, and both of the men’s teams surrounding the two as they went toe to toe.


No one is sure exactly what prompted the heated exchange, but Stewart later said that he believed that Posobiec was trolling him.
“These people have suffered for fifteen years because you’re a fucking troll. You’re a troll. Not in good faith. You’re not in good faith,” Stewart screamed at Posobiec.
Later in another video, Posobiec got with Steward and they said, “Jon Stewart and I have decided to come to an agreement, have we not, Jon?”
“Yes sir. I lost my temper a little bit. I felt like I was being trolled. I realized that the important thing is, just gotta get this done for these guys and get them over the finish line to get the healthcare they need,” Stewart responded.
“I’m glad that Jon Stewart was willing to put aside politics and eventually come to the table with me,” Posobiec told the media, “This is about veterans, not how many retweet[s] we can get.”


Jon Stewart was in D.C. to support the Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics (PACT) Act. This would expand healthcare coverage for veterans who were exposed to toxins and burn pits while serving the country.
The Honoring Our PACT Act was just passed by the upper chamber of the House in June, but 25 GOP politicians changed their votes to oppose the bill.
Democrats like Connecticut Sen. Chris Murphy claimed that Republicans switched their vote out of spite because of the recent climate change bill that was passed.
This summer it’s been hard to keep your cool in D.C.



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