Watch: 18-Year-Old School Shooting Victim Wins Hearts on America’s Got Talent

Eighteen-year-old Ava Swiss deserves every ounce of recognition she is getting after performing on “America’s Got Talent recently. 

This courageous young lady showed extraordinary talent and just as much courage by performing “Remember” by Lauren Daigle. 

Wait until you hear about the reason behind her song choice.

“I chose this song because back on November 30, my brother and I were a part of the Oxford school shooting,” Swiss told judge Simon Cowell. “We lost four of our students, and seven others were injured, one of which was a teacher.”

Swiss did an interview with “People” in which shared that she had been close friends with 17-year-old Justin Shilling. He was one of the four students killed in the shooting.

It has taken great courage for Ava to restart he life after the trauma in her school. 

“It’s been hard. I remember my brother and I, we were talking to each other, and we said, ‘There’s no way we’re ever stepping foot back in the school,’” she told the judges.

The audition on America’s Got Talent was filmed prior to the recent school shootings across the nation. But this performance shows the resilience that is possible with our young teens, and the healing that can take place. 

Swiss noted that she and her brother had been back in school now for about two months. 

When she finished her powerful song, the crowd responded with a loud standing ovation. 

Howie Mandel told her. “The fact that you can break through that, and shine the way you did today, is so inspirational for every human being.”

All four judges gave her a unanimous “yes” to move on to the next round of the competition.

And her fellow students at Oxford High sent her all kinds of loving comments. You can see many on the video posted below of her audition.



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