Wait Until You See the Dress Julia Roberts Wore for Clooney – Watch

These two rule the silver screen and have tangible on-screen chemistry, but they have always stayed friends. And they know how to have fun with each other.
We’re talking about film icons Julia Roberts and George Clooney
Roberts just made the last move in their fun-filled friendship. She showed up on the red carpet in a dress that certainly caught the world’s attention.
Roberts PR team posted a photo of the dress on Instagram with the hashtag #JuliaFramedGeorge. The playful dress was covered in photos of Clooney and Roberts wore it proudly as she arrived at the Kennedy Center Honors on December 4 in Washington D.C.
Clooney was to be recognized for his artistic achievements and humanitarian work.
Roberts and Clooney, who were recently on screen together in “Ticket to Paradise,” had fun with the dress that featured gold-framed photos of Clooney including one from his days on “ER.”
Like the actress Julia, she was fully committed to her wardrobe choice for the affair. It was a custom design by Jeremy Scott, the creative director of the Italian label Moschino. She wore the tongue-in-cheek dress with a cropped black jacket and her long reddish/brown hair in waves.
Clooney is known for his wild pranks on sets with fellow actors, so you know he had a big time with Julia’s red carpet-tribute.
The two were together in Ocean’s 11 and have been good friends for decades. Although the chemistry is there on the screen, they say they never considered dating.
“Julia was always in a relationship, or I was in a relationship,” Clooney said. “We were fast friends right away. It’s been nothing but fun for us, so I don’t think that was ever really a thing.”
That fun-filled friendship is sure to continue, we can only hope. George, the next move is yours.




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