Vanished: The Eerie Last Call of a College Student, 23

Authorities in California are intensifying their search for a missing college student who was last seen leaving an apartment building in Inglewood, Los Angeles on Wednesday, August 18th.

Noelle Lynch, a 23-year-old junior at Sacramento State, reportedly left her apartment without any of her personal belongings and has not been heard from since. According to her father, Mark Lynch, Noelle had been going through a difficult time and was involved in a car accident which left her car totaled.

Mr. Lynch told SFGate that he and his wife became worried when they received a call from Noelle on a stranger’s phone, saying that she was in a “difficult state of mind”. The conversation was brief and Noelle was reported to be speaking in a manner that was “mostly not making sense”. Her mother, Kellie Lynch, then booked a hotel room near LAX, but Noelle did not stay there. Instead, she was seen leaving the apartment building in Inglewood.

When Kellie went to the building, she found Noelle’s backpack and other personal belongings. However, her phone was later found at the ticket counter of Southwest Airlines at LAX. Her father, however, has stated that there is no evidence to suggest that she boarded a flight. He also added that Noelle is a responsible person who always keeps in touch with her parents, making her sudden disappearance very out of character.

According to sources, Noelle’s car was involved in a collision near LAX, with two other vehicles, but luckily no one was injured. It is unclear why Noelle left her apartment and went to the Inglewood area. Detectives are currently reviewing video footage obtained from the apartment building in an effort to piece together her movements. Police also report that Noelle was last seen wearing a dark green t-shirt, green sweatpants with a military logo, and white sneakers.

The situation has left Noelle’s parents and loved ones extremely concerned for her safety and well-being. Her father, Mark, stated to SFGate: “All that matters is trying to get her back. The more people that can open their eyes, the better.” Noelle’s mother, Kellie, spoke to ABC10 and described her daughter as a “good person, caring and kind.”

Reportedly, Noelle was studying at Sacramento State and was enrolled as a junior. The university has confirmed with the outlet that she is currently a student at the college. Her parents have expressed their gratitude for the ongoing efforts of law enforcement and the public in trying to locate their daughter. The search for Noelle is ongoing and anyone with any information is urged to contact the Los Angeles Police Department.

Some sources have stated that Noelle’s disappearance may be linked to her recent car accident and her current state of mind. However, this has not been confirmed by authorities and the investigation is still ongoing. The Lynch family is eagerly awaiting any news or updates on Noelle’s whereabouts, hoping for a safe return. As the search continues, the community is urged to remain vigilant and report any information that may be helpful in locating Noelle.

Many have taken to social media to share Noelle’s missing person poster and spread awareness about her disappearance. The hope is that the more people are aware, the greater the chances of finding Noelle safe and sound. With little information currently available, the search for Noelle Lynch continues, and authorities are urging anyone with information to come forward. In the meantime, loved ones are praying for her safe return and hoping for the best outcome.


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