TV Celebrity Ghosts Pregnant Wife, Look Where He Showed Up

Charles Withers, a former reality show chef who has recently faced accusations of “ghosting” his pregnant wife and abandoning their children, has been found in Texas. According to sources, Withers is currently working as a personal chef for Taylor Sheridan, the creator of Yellowstone. Withers’ wife, Ashley McGuire, had posted on social media asking for help in finding him after he had disappeared without a trace. However, she has now confirmed that he is living in Texas and believes that he is working for Sheridan.

The news of Withers’ whereabouts surfaced after Sheridan’s wife, Nicole, posted a video clip of him on social media. Although she quickly deleted the video, it was already shared by a TikTok user and made its rounds on the internet. Withers’ wife, McGuire, has confirmed that she is going forward with divorce proceedings after Withers reached out to her following the viral post.

According to McGuire, she had reached out to the internet for help in tracking down her husband as she had been unable to contact him. She had expressed her frustration in trying to finalize the divorce, citing his disappearance as a hindrance. The couple has two children, one of whom Withers has never met, and the other he has not seen in over a year.

Charles Withers was once a rising star in the culinary world, having appeared on the 2022 season of the popular Food Network show, Chopped. He was also the head chef at the C Salt Wine Bar and Grille in Falmouth, Massachusetts. However, according to former co-owners of the restaurant, Withers abandoned the business last summer and left them with unpaid debts. He also ghosted another restaurant he was about to open, leaving investors and staff in the lurch.

The former co-owner who sold the business to Withers in 2021 has also revealed that he had a drug problem, which led to him being in debt and leaving his responsibilities behind. Withers had even obtained a liquor license for the restaurant he had planned to open, but it never materialized. His attorney, Theodore Schilling, expressed his shock at the situation, stating that he had never encountered anything like this in his 51 years of practice.

Withers has apparently been looking for love since leaving his wife, with one woman claiming that he had messaged her on the dating app Bumble. She also revealed that his tracked location was in Texas, specifically in the towns of Weatherford and Guthrie, where Sheridan has properties. It is possible that Withers is working as a personal chef for the Sheridans, but their spokesperson has neither confirmed nor denied this.

McGuire’s online post went viral, with many women offering their support and sharing resources to help track down Withers. In a TikTok video, one user shared the details of the situation and warned Sheridan’s wife, Nicole, about the possible involvement of her husband’s personal chef in fraudulent activities. It is unclear what action Sheridan or his wife have taken regarding this information.

As the news of Charles Withers’ whereabouts and behavior circulates online, it has sparked a debate about mental health and addressing issues such as addiction and abandonment. Withers’ situation has also brought attention to the impact of social media as a powerful tool in finding missing individuals and solving cases. As the search for Charles Withers comes to an end, it is yet to be seen how this story will unfold and if any legal action will be taken against him for his alleged actions.


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