Skiing ‘Accident’ Now Ruled A Homicide

A fatal skiing collision at a popular Wyoming resort on April 14 has been ruled a “homicide” by the county coroner, but whether it is a crime is still under investigation by local authorities.

Skiing instructor Peter Wuerslin, 71, and another skier collided on the slopes of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in Teton Village. According to ski reports, Wuerslin was skiing with a group of friends when he was hit by a skier uphill “who failed to maneuver” around him.

Both Wuerslin and the unidentified 34-year-old man suffered serious injuries and were rushed to nearby hospitals. Sadly, Wuerslin passed away three days later from intracranial hemorrhage, a condition in which bleeding occurs within the skull. The cause of death was confirmed by the coroner.

The designation of “homicide” by the coroner simply means that the death was caused by another person. However, it is up to the Teton County Sheriff’s Office and the county prosecutor to determine if a crime was committed.

Wuerslin had been a part-time ski instructor at the resort since 1978 and was a beloved member of the community. He was known for his love of travel and exploration, and his family described him as a curious and adventurous person.

In a statement released by the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, it was revealed that Wuerslin was wearing a helmet at the time of the collision, but the other skier was not. It is unclear if this had any impact on the severity of their injuries.

The 34-year-old man was released from the hospital on the same day and has not been identified because no charges have been filed as of yet. The Teton County Sheriff’s Office and the county prosecutor are still investigating the incident, and they have asked any eyewitnesses to come forward with information.

Tributes for Wuerslin have been pouring in on social media, with many remembering him as a kind and curious individual. His passion for travel and cycling was also highlighted, with one friend sharing a video of Wuerslin from a recent bike tour in Idaho.

Mary Kate Buckley, the president of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, described the community’s devastation over Wuerslin’s passing. She also reminded skiers that it is important to always ski in control and be aware of safety on the slopes.

The resort has released a statement expressing its condolences to Wuerslin’s family and friends and emphasizing the need for safe skiing and riding. They remain focused on raising awareness and promoting safety on the slopes.

The Teton County Sheriff’s Office said in a statement that the investigation is ongoing, and they are working to gather all the facts and evidence surrounding the incident. The office is asking for the public’s understanding and patience as they continue their investigation.

The county prosecutor also acknowledged the gravity of the situation and reassured the community that they were taking all necessary steps to ensure a fair and thorough investigation. They have not provided a timeline for when a decision will be made regarding potential charges.

In the meantime, the community of Teton Village and beyond continues to mourn the loss of Wuerslin, a cherished member of their community. As the investigation unfolds, the focus remains on honoring his memory and promoting safe practices on the slopes.


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