Scientists Create ‘Invisibility Shield’ & You Can Buy One

A new product has been making headlines in the magic and technology worlds, as a London-based company, the Invisibility Shield Co, claims to have developed an ‘invisibility megashield’ that can potentially make objects behind it almost invisible.

This has sparked interest among fans of the popular Harry Potter series, where an invisibility cloak is a prized possession. With a price tag of £699, the megashield has already garnered attention and sparked debates about its capabilities and potential uses.

According to the Invisibility Shield Co, the megashield is the result of years of research and development, with the initial idea dating back to 2022. Since then, the company has experimented with various cloaking devices before landing on the final design of the megashield. Measuring 6ft tall and 4ft wide, the shield is made from high-grade polycarbonate and uses a precision-engineered lens array to manipulate light and create an invisible effect.

The company claims that the megashield is capable of concealing multiple people standing side by side, unlike Harry Potter’s cloak that can only hide one person at a time. The shield works by directing light away from the person standing in front of it, using the precision-engineered lens array. This makes the person almost invisible to an observer’s perspective, as the light behind them is distorted and diffused in different directions, blending them with the background.

However, the shield is not foolproof, and its effectiveness depends on the nature of the background. According to the team, the shield works best against uniform backgrounds such as grass, foliage, sand, and sky. Defined horizontal lines, whether natural or man-made, also enhance the cloak’s effectiveness. However, the shield might not be as effective against complex backgrounds with various shapes and colors, especially in indoor environments with artificial lighting.

The team at the Invisibility Shield Co also highlights the ergonomic design of the megashield, making it more stable and easy to carry around. Unlike its predecessor, which needed to be propped up, the new megashield is free-standing and comes with ergonomic handles for comfortable holding.

This makes it more practical for users who want to take it with them wherever they go and use it in different environments. The company also mentions that the shield has been successfully tested in various settings, including outdoor locations and indoor environments with natural and artificial light sources.

This is not the first time the Invisibility Shield Co has released a cloaking device, with a previous version being launched in 2022. However, the previous version was smaller in size and could only fit one person squatting. The new megashield is a significant improvement, with a larger size that can conceal multiple people and a more efficient design for stability and portability. The company is currently crowdfunding through Kickstarter, where early bird customers can purchase the megashield for the discounted price of £699.

The company has also been transparent about the limitations of the product, mentioning that it might not work as effectively against complex backgrounds and in situations with movement. They also emphasize that the megashield is not a tool for invisibility in the literal sense, and its effectiveness is dependent on the viewer’s perspective and the background. Some experts have also voiced concerns about the ethics of such a product and its potential misuse by individuals or organizations.

Overall, the Invisibility Shield Co’s megashield has caught the attention of the public and sparked discussions about the possibilities of such technology. With its potential use in various industries, ranging from cinema and entertainment to military and security, it remains to be seen how the product will be received in the market.

For now, the company’s Kickstarter campaign continues to attract backers, and fans of the Harry Potter series are excited about the real-life implementation of a fictional concept.


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