Pat Sajak Gets Tough, Has ‘Stern’ Moment With Contestant

In a recent episode of “Wheel of Fortune,” contestant Michael Colen, who emerged victorious on the Nov. 3 show, shared an unexpected off-screen encounter with longtime host Pat Sajak. Colen, a middle school math teacher from Sacramento, California, and a self-proclaimed “secret rap star,” recounted to Fox News Digital that Sajak had given him a “stern” warning during a commercial break.

According to Colen, Sajak approached him, emphasizing the show’s tenure by stating, “Hey, Michael, you know, this is my show, right?” Colen responded politely, acknowledging Sajak’s 41-year-long association with the popular game show, adding a touch of humor to the conversation.

Throughout the episode, Colen injected his unique showmanship, from dabbing after solving a puzzle to engaging in light banter with Sajak. The contestant’s lively demeanor prompted Sajak to make humorous remarks, such as noting Colen’s ability to say “dilly-dally” despite being a nighttime rap artist.

Describing the off-screen encounter as a “battle of wills,” Colen acknowledged the initial adjustment period for Sajak to acclimate to his distinctive style. Despite the playful tension, Colen emerged as the winner, securing $38,304 by the end of the episode.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Colen expressed gratitude for the opportunity to compete on “Wheel of Fortune” before Sajak’s anticipated retirement after 41 seasons. As a comedy rapper known as First Degree The D.E., Colen emphasized his primary goal of entertaining the audience, stating, “I wanted to win, but really I just wanted to make America laugh.”

Colen’s memorable appearance on the show added a lighthearted and entertaining chapter to the long history of “Wheel of Fortune” as the beloved host prepares to conclude his four-decade-long run.


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