Parents Of The ‘Only Fans Killer’ Arrested. Case Takes Crazy Twist

Kim and Deborah Clenney of Austin, Texas were arrested this week in connection with the murder of Christian Obumseli, the boyfriend of their daughter Courtney Clenney.

The couple was charged with tampering with evidence after allegedly taking and accessing a laptop that belonged to the victim. Courtney Clenney, a popular OnlyFans star, has been accused of stabbing Obumseli to death in self-defense back in April of 2022.

According to reports, Kim Clenney was the one who took the laptop from the crime scene and handed it over to his daughter’s defense attorneys. The couple was then arrested at their home at the request of Miami police, where the stabbing took place. The laptop was discovered to contain nothing but crypto exchanges, which raises questions about why it was taken in the first place.

The incident occurred on April 3, 2022, at the Miami apartment shared by Courtney Clenney and Christian Obumseli. The couple had been dating for less than two years, and according to reports, had a history of domestic disturbances. They had recently moved from Austin, Texas to Miami, and the One Paraiso building where they lived had received multiple complaints from staff and residents about the couple.

The stabbing occurred after police were called to the couple’s home on an aggravated battery call. When officers arrived at the scene, they found Obumseli with a stab wound to his torso, and Clenney wearing a blood-soaked robe and sweatpants. Obumseli was rushed to the hospital but was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Initially, Clenney claimed self-defense and was not charged. However, she was charged with second-degree murder several months later while in a rehab center in Hawaii. Reports have revealed that she had a history of violence, having been previously arrested for domestic battery in Las Vegas.

An anonymous source who was involved in a photoshoot with Clenney in Aspen, just two months before the stabbing incident, has reported seeing cuts, bruises, and taped fingers on her body. The shoot was allegedly done under the influence of alcohol, and sources have attributed the injuries to her erratic behavior during that time.

Clenney’s attorneys have requested that Obumseli’s body be exhumed and examined by a medical examiner to support their claim of self-defense. However, the wounds found during the autopsy suggest that the stabbing was done from a close distance. 911 audio recordings from the night of the incident reveal Clenney telling her boyfriend, “baby, I’m so sorry,” and him crying out in pain.

The case has garnered widespread media attention, with many questioning the claims of self-defense put forth by Clenney’s lawyers. Obumseli’s family has also filed a negligence lawsuit against Clenney, holding her responsible for their son’s death.

With her parents now facing tampering charges, the case takes another twist, and it remains to be seen how it will unfold in court. The couple is expected to appear in court for a bond hearing on Wednesday.


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