Oreo Red Velvet: The Flavor That Demanded to Be Heard

After years of fan requests, Oreo is bringing back its Red Velvet flavor. The limited-edition cookies will be available starting September 12th at major retailers nationwide.

Oreo Red Velvet cookies feature the familiar taste fans know and love, with cream cheese-flavored creme between two red velvet-flavored cookies. The cookies are also decorated with a festive red and white design.

The Red Velvet flavor was first introduced in 2011 and quickly became a fan favorite. It was discontinued in 2020, but fans have been clamoring for its return ever since.

Oreo decided to tap Justin Ellen, a baker who competed on the Netflix reality competition show “Is It Cake?” to make the very impressive announcement.

“Is it cake?” Ellen says in the Instagram video, showing off two packages of Oreo cookies. Of course, one of them is cake, but the skilled baker somehow made his frosted creation nearly identical to the actual Oreo package, shiny label and all.

After a closeup, he slices his creation in half, showing that one is actually red velvet cake and the other is the real Oreo package with the returning flavor.

“This one’s cake, but this one is real,” Ellen says before opening the package to show off the deep-red cookies inside and taking a bite out of one.

Fans of the flavor have been begging the cookie brand to bring back Red Velvet Oreos ever since their departure three years ago.

“@Oreo pls bring back the red velvet oreos. It wasn’t the same when they left,” tweeted one person in 2022.

“they need to bring back the red velvet oreos omg,” tweeted another person in February.

Even an unofficial social media account dedicated to the cause, @RedVelvet_Oreos, was created, which decreed, “The U.S. has been deprived of Red Velvet Oreos for too long! It’s time we make a stand. Bring back Red Velvet Oreos!”


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