Massive Cali Landslide Sends Parking Lot Into The Ocean

On Saturday, a terrifying scene unfolded on the California coast near Ferndale in Humboldt County. A massive landslide caused a huge chunk of clifftop, including part of a trailhead parking lot, to slip into the ocean. The incident, which was captured on drone footage, left onlookers running for safety as the ground crumbled beneath their feet.

According to local news outlet Redheaded Blackbelt, landslides at the Fleener Creek Trailhead have been ongoing since January. This has been attributed to the significant winter storms that hit the state on January 18. As a result, the trail was closed down for safety reasons.

The trailhead parking lot, which has been slowly eroding due to the ongoing landslides, finally gave way on Saturday. Humboldt County 1st District Supervisor Rex Bohn took to Facebook to warn the public of the dangerous situation, stating that a good portion of the parking lot is now in the ocean. He also urged people not to attempt to visit the area, as it is unsafe to use the parking lot or even walk in it.

Law enforcement officials are currently patrolling the area to ensure the safety of the public. The Bureau of Land Management has also closed the area to the public until further notice. This incident comes just a few weeks after a similar one occurred in Dana Point in Southern California, where two multimillion-dollar mansions were left teetering on the edge of a cliff after a landslide caused by the winter storms.

In addition to the danger posed by the ongoing landslides, this incident has also raised concerns about the impact of climate change on the state’s coastlines. The increasing frequency and intensity of winter storms in California have been attributed to climate change, and this has exacerbated the erosion of the state’s coastlines. This has resulted in the loss of land and property, as well as endangering the lives of those living in and visiting these areas.

The county and state authorities have been working on measures to mitigate the effects of climate change on the coastline. However, incidents like the one at Centerville Beach serve as a reminder that more needs to be done to protect the state’s natural features and the people who live and visit there.

It also highlights the need for increased awareness and education about the dangers of erosion and landslides, as well as the importance of taking necessary precautions when visiting these areas.

For now, the area remains closed off to the public as officials continue to assess the situation and work towards a solution to prevent further landslides. With more winter storms likely to hit the state in the coming weeks and months, it is crucial that precautions are taken to ensure the safety of those living in and visiting vulnerable areas on the coast.

The incident at Centerville Beach serves as a stark reminder of the powerful and unpredictable forces of nature, and the importance of being prepared and taking necessary measures to protect ourselves and our surroundings.


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