Kraft Singles Will Be Redesigned…The Company Has Listened – Watch

Kraft Singles, the iconic American cheese brand, is changing its packaging following customer complaints. The new packaging will be easier to open and will feature a more modern design.

The old packaging for Kraft Singles was known for being difficult to open. The clear plastic wrapper was often stuck together, and the cheese slices were often difficult to remove. This led to many customer complaints, and Kraft decided to change the packaging.

“This stems from the #1 consumer complaint being the inability to easily open the clear wrapper,” reads an emailed announcement from Kraft sent to

“Y r kraft singles so devastatingly hard to open?” asked one Twitter user.

“Kraft singles be hella hard to open for no reason,” tweeted another.

“It should be illegal to trap delicious cheese in hard-to-open plastic wrapping,” wrote another user.

“Do you know how hard it is to unwrap a Kraft Singles! Those wrappers are impossible to open. Impossible!” exclaimed yet another.

The new packaging for Kraft Singles will be made of a different material that is easier to open. The cheese slices will also be easier to remove, thanks to a new design that makes them easier to grip. The new packaging will also feature a more modern design that is more in line with the current trends in food packaging.

“The brand identity was inspired by the design idea that a slice of undeniable delight can be found within every package of Kraft Singles,” Kraft says. “The new packaging also highlights a series of no’s — no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.”

The new packaging for Kraft Singles is expected to be released in stores in the coming months. The company is confident that the new packaging will be a hit with customers, and that it will help to improve the brand’s image.



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