Justice Fails Elderly Victim: Teens Get Slap On Wrist

Three of the four Louisiana teenagers charged in the carjacking and dragging death of 73-year-old Linda Frickey have entered a plea deal to avoid life in prison. Briniyah Baker, 17, Lenyra Theophile, 16, and Mar’qel Curtis have pleaded guilty to attempted manslaughter, receiving a 20-year prison sentence with a minimum of 15 years each.

The incident occurred in March 2022 in a New Orleans neighborhood, where Frickey was violently carjacked and dragged nearly a block, resulting in the severing of her arm. Originally seeking excess skin removal and a breast lift, Frickey faced gruesome consequences as her arm became entangled in her seatbelt during the carjacking.

Frickey’s sister, Jinnylynn Griffin, expressed relief at the guilty pleas, emphasizing the family’s pursuit of justice. While feeling sadness for the teens, Griffin acknowledged that the guilty pleas mark a step toward accountability.

The three defendants, also charged with second-degree murder, apologized to Frickey’s family in court, expressing remorse and requesting forgiveness. The family hopes that the lengthy prison sentences will provide the teens with an opportunity for reflection on the consequences of their actions.

A fourth defendant, John Honore, 18, is not part of the plea deal and will face trial for second-degree murder. The Frickey family asserts that Honore deserves no mercy, underscoring the severity of his alleged involvement, including driving the car and kicking Frickey after her arm detached.

The plea deal, more than a year after the tragic incident, sheds light on the legal complexities and emotional toll experienced by victims’ families. With Honore’s trial set to begin on November 27, the Frickey family continues to seek justice for the loss of their loved one.

NY Post


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