Investigation Launch After Video Of Police Officer During Arrest

A recent incident in St. Louis, Missouri has sparked controversy and forced the city’s police department to launch an internal investigation. The incident, which was caught on video and posted online, shows a police officer straddling a suspect on the ground while lighting a cigar. The video, which has been viewed over 262,000 times, has raised questions about the officer’s conduct and the policies of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department.

The incident took place outside Marquee Restaurant & Lounge, a popular nightspot in downtown St. Louis. According to witnesses, the officer had been working his second job at the venue when employees requested him to remove a man from the premises. The man, who has not been identified, was being detained by the officer when the video was recorded.

In the video, the officer can be seen borrowing a lighter from another officer as he straddles the suspect. The suspect is lying on his back with his arms held down by the officer’s leg. The officer then proceeds to light his cigar while still maintaining his hold on the suspect. Bystanders can be heard jokingly offering their lighters to the officer and teasing him not to pull out a gun.

The video has sparked outrage on social media, with many questioning the use of force and the officer’s actions. The officer’s disregard for the situation has also been a cause for concern, with him lighting up a cigar in a potentially volatile situation.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has since launched an internal investigation into the incident. In a statement to the media, the department stated that they are trying to better understand the circumstances leading up to the video and the events that followed. They have promised to thoroughly review the incident and take appropriate actions if necessary.

According to the department, the officers were responding to a call from the lounge about a trespassing suspect. The suspect was reportedly taken into custody for trespassing on private property and resisting arrest. It is not clear when the incident took place, but it is believed to have been on a weekend night.

The officers involved in the incident were all wearing body cameras, but the footage has not been released publicly yet. The department has promised to make the footage available as part of their investigation. They have also stated that no injuries were reported during the incident.

The video has brought attention to the policies and training of the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Many are questioning if the use of force in this situation was necessary and if there are better ways to handle such situations. Some are also calling for stricter guidelines and accountability for officers working second jobs outside of their normal duties.

The suspect’s identity and the reasons for his being detained are still unclear at this time. As the investigation continues, more information is expected to come to light. This incident has raised questions about the conduct of police officers and their actions while on duty. It has also brought attention to the role of social media in holding law enforcement accountable for their actions. The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department has promised to thoroughly review the incident and take appropriate actions.


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