Hey ‘Full House’ Fans…Can You Believe It’s Been 35 Years? Take a Look at the Celebration

So many people grew up glued to the TV watching “Full House,” it’s hard to believe the cast is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the sitcom’s first episode. 

Candace Cameron Bure who played D.J.Tanner said, “35 years ago my life changed for the better.” She added to that caption a gallery full of pictures of her and her co-stars, including some of the late Bob Saget who died in January at the age of 65. She added a red heart emoji and the hashtag: #35yearsofFullHouse.

Joie Sweetin, who played Stephanie Tanner, wrote, “Here’s to 35 years of FH.” She added some throwback footage of her and Saget who play the girl’s single father, Danny Tanner. Near his picture, she wrote, “Best TV dad ever.”

Dave Coulier, who played Danny’s friend Joey, also celebrated this milestone by posting several pictures of the cast on his Instagram account. 

“We had no idea 35 years ago today, that we were part of something that would change our lives forever,” Coulier wrote, adding, “Thank you, fans. We love you for being a part of our Full House family.”

John Stamos, who played Uncle Jesse, recently told “E! News” that he did not expect “Full House” to remain so popular over the decades.

“Every new year, there’s a new ‘Full House’ fan born,” said Stamos.

Stamos went further saying that he was at first eager to move on from his role as Jesse — until he realized that the show was continuing to make viewers happy.

“For years I tried to get away from it,” said Stamos. “And I realized, why am I distancing myself with something that people love so very much? I have done enough work. So now, I’m just like, bring it on.”

Stamos added that he planned to celebrate the show’s anniversary in style. “I’m gonna get my Uncle Jesse on. I’m gonna do my own parade somewhere,” he joked.

The showed aired on prime-time TV from September 1987 until May 1995. It had a spinoff called “Fuller House,” which brought back many of the original cast. It ran for five seasons from 2016 to 2020 on Netflix.


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