Crawford’s Dad: Modeling? More Like Another Name for…

Cindy Crawford, one of the most iconic supermodels of the 1980s and 1990s, has opened up about her father’s initial disapproval of her career choice. In a sneak peek of the upcoming docuseries “The Supermodels” on Apple TV+, Crawford says that her father, Dan Crawford, thought modeling was “like another name for prostitution.”

“I never even thought about modeling,” said Crawford, per a preview clip shared with People.

“I didn’t even know it was a real job. I didn’t know how I would get from DeKalb, Illinois, to a magazine,” Crawford continued. “My dad really didn’t understand that modeling was a real career. He thought modeling was like another name for prostitution. So they came with me to my very first modeling appointment.”

“The Super Models” will premiere September 20 on Apple TV+ and also focus on the histories of Crawford’s famous coworkers Naomi Campbell, Christy Turlington, and Linda Evangelista.

A press release for the series says it “travels back to the 1980s, when four women from different corners of the world united in New York. Already forces in their own right, the gravitas they achieved by coming together transcended the industry itself.”

The description continues, “Today, the four supermodels remain on the frontlines of culture through activism, philanthropy and business prowess. As the fashion industry continues to redefine itself – and women’s roles within it – this is the ultimate story of power and how four women came together to claim it, paving the way for those to follow.”

The women talked about being friends in the early years and avoiding mistreatment in the modeling industry.

“There was a sisterhood there, defined by caring and loyalty: When one is down you pick the other one up,” Campbell said of their relationship.

“It’s just luck and grace, honestly. I felt like my career took off pretty quickly, so maybe there were more eyes on me and they couldn’t get away with stuff,” Turlington said of avoiding harmful situations. “But I don’t even think it was that: Predatory people are predatory people.”

“You’d get invited to a party on someone’s yacht and I’d think, ‘What do you even wear on a yacht? What fork do you use?’ So I would just not go,” Crawford said. “Yes, I probably missed out on some fabulous opportunities but probably avoided some less-than-fabulous opportunities as well.”


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