Country Star John Rich Hits Cancel Culture with New Song – Take a Look!

Country star John Rich has a message for the “woke” “cancel” culture in America today, and it comes with a catchy tune. 

The country music star gave a sneak peek at his new song that he’s working on that’s called “I’m Offended!”

The 49-year-old singer posted a clip Thursday on Twitter for his hundreds of thousands of followers. It showed him sitting at what looked like a home bar, holding a guitar and singing. 

“Brand new song called ‘I’m Offended!’” Rich tweeted. “Whatcha think? #ImOffended”

The beginning of the song has these lyrics, “Seems like these days, no matter what you say, someone’s loosing their ever loving mind.”

The song hits some high notes with terms like “left and right side of the aisle”, and the fight over using gasoline cars, versus electric vehicles. He also touches on people still wearing masks three years after the pandemic hit America. 

“I’m offended. You’re offended. Let’s all get offended tonight,” the chorus of the song goes. “I’ll order us a beer, we can sit down here, scream and yell and cuss and fuss and fight.”

The song doesn’t mince any words, a part of it describes people trying to “amend the First Amendment” because some are offended because of those people who defend “it all the time.” 

And of course, he nails the Second Amendment and those who choose to pray to God.

This is not the first time John Rich has defended conservative values. He spoke out against the lockdowns, and vaccine mandates, and has been critical of Dr. Anthony Fauci, Biden’s top medical adviser.

Rich posted on Twitter after winning a lawsuit against a concert promoter who sued him during the pandemic. Rich canceled the show when the venue changed its policy about unvaccinated attendees.

He had made it clear that he would NEVER play a concert venue that forced fans to show their “papers” for entry concerning Covid. 


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