Controversy Surrounds Target’s Holiday Ad

Retail giant Target is facing criticism from conservative circles for its LGBTQ+ holiday decoration line, which includes a “Pride Santa” and a “Pride Christmas Nutcracker Figure.” The Nutcracker figurine holds a “progress” flag that combines LGBTQ+ elements with representations of transgender individuals, and black and brown people, while the “Pride Santa” features St. Nicholas holding the rainbow Pride flag. Additionally, an “Love is Love” ornament is available for purchase online.

Fox News host Jesse Watters expressed concerns on his show, accusing the decorations of “sexualizing Christmas for children.” His guest, swimmer Riley Gaines, echoed these sentiments, questioning the appeal of such merchandise and suggesting it does not align with the majority opinion.

Consumer advocacy group Consumers’ Research included Target in a “Woke Alert” for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, criticizing the retailer for what they perceive as endorsing “woke policies.” The group specifically referenced a previous controversy over Target’s Pride Month collection, which included LGBTQ+ merchandise targeted at children and babies.

The conservative Media Research Center added to the criticism in a blog post, accusing Target of lacking judgment in their decision to release such products.

This isn’t the first time Target has faced backlash over LGBTQ+ merchandise. In a previous instance, CEO Brian Cornell defended the company’s LGBTQ-friendly collection, stating that it was “the right thing for society.” However, this support led to a significant financial hit, with a $10 billion drop in market valuation over ten days as conservatives initiated a boycott of the chain. Critics argue that such moves by corporations may alienate a portion of their customer base.

Despite the criticism, Target has not yet responded to requests for comment on the recent controversy surrounding their LGBTQ+ holiday decorations. The situation adds to the ongoing debate over the intersection of corporate support for social and cultural issues and potential consequences for business.

NY Post


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