Churches Attacked During Incident In Russia

Shocking news coming out of Russia this past weekend highlighted coordinated attacks by Islamic terrorists that have rocked the nation, targeting churches and synagogues in the southernmost Dagestan province, a region known for its majority-Muslim population and history of breeding Islamic terrorism. Let’s break down the details of these devastating events.

The Israeli government has been the primary source of information about these attacks, while the Russian authorities have remained relatively tight-lipped. According to Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the synagogue in Derbent was set ablaze and completely destroyed.

Tragically, local guards were killed in this attack. Meanwhile, in Makhachkala, another synagogue came under gunfire. Although details remain sparse, it’s clear that these were deliberate and heinous acts of violence.

Simultaneously, churches were attacked in Makhachkala, where at least one priest was brutally murdered in Derbent. Shamil Khadulaev, Chairman of the Dagestan Public Monitoring Commission, reported that the terrorists slit the priest’s throat in Derbent. Other priests have taken refuge, barricading themselves in the church as they await rescue.

The human toll is staggering. At least 15 police officers and several civilians lost their lives in these coordinated attacks. The terrorists didn’t escape unscathed, as reports indicate that at least six were killed during the confrontations.

The Russian Federation’s Investigative Committee has launched a terrorism investigation, pledging to uncover all the circumstances and individuals involved and to ensure that they face legal consequences.

Videos circulating online paint a harrowing picture of the attacks. These clips show terrorists shooting indiscriminately at people and a synagogue engulfed in flames. It’s a vivid and disturbing reminder of the violence that took place.

This attack comes in the wake of another horrific event earlier this year, where Islamic terrorists murdered over 140 people in a concert hall in Moscow. The pattern of violence is deeply concerning and highlights the persistent threat of terrorism in the region.

Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that no worshipers were present in the synagogues at the time of the attacks, and there are no known casualties among the Jewish community. The Israeli embassy in Moscow is actively communicating with local Jewish community leaders to ensure their safety.


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