Chaos Erupts After Boxing Announcer Makes A HUGE Mistake

Boxing fans were left stunned on Saturday night as a controversial incident occurred during the WBA bantamweight title match between Cherneka Johnson and Nina Hughes. After an intense 10-round fight, the judges’ decision was eagerly awaited by both fighters and the crowd. However, ring announcer Dan Hennessey made a glaring mistake while declaring the winner, causing chaos and confusion in the ring.

In front of a packed crowd at the arena, Johnson and Hughes had displayed their impressive skills and determination in the ring. Both fighters were looking to add the WBA bantamweight title to their list of achievements and had fought relentlessly for the entire 10 rounds. As the final bell rang, it was clear that the match would be decided by the judges’ scorecards.

The announcer, Dan Hennessey, was responsible for reading out the scores and announcing the winner. However, much to everyone’s surprise, Hennessey initially announced that Hughes had won the fight, causing the 23-year-old to break into tears of joy. But just seconds later, the announcer corrected his mistake and declared Johnson the winner, leaving the crowd and Hughes in disbelief.

Hughes, who was previously undefeated in her professional career, was left devastated by the turn of events. In a post-fight interview, she expressed her disappointment and confusion over the judges’ decision and the announcer’s mistake. “I just don’t get it,” said a visibly upset Hughes. “How can they announce I had won and then change the scores? I thought I’d dominated early. I thought she won a few of the later rounds but I felt like I won it comfortably.”

Meanwhile, Johnson, who hails from Brooklyn, New York, was relieved to have come out on top after a tough fight. She admitted that she had to control her emotions when Hennessey initially announced Hughes as the winner and then changed it to her name. “I’m not the judge and I’m just glad that they figured out the wrong decision,” said Johnson. “Nina was a tough fight. I’m not the judge, but I definitely think I won that fight. I’m just over the moon I won this bout.”

The boxing community, including commentators and experts, were quick to condemn the incident and criticize the announcer for his mistake. ESPN’s Joe Tessitore pulled no punches as he slammed Hennessey’s performance in a live broadcast, lashing out at the “absolute clown show” that he witnessed. However, Hennessey took full responsibility for his mistake and issued an apology on social media, taking the blame for the controversy.

In the aftermath of this chaotic event, rumors of a rematch between Johnson and Hughes have started to surface. Many believe that Hughes deserved to win the fight and that a rematch is necessary to determine the rightful winner. On the other hand, Johnson’s supporters argue that she fought an outstanding match and that the judge’s decision was fair.

With this event gaining widespread attention and sparking debate among fans and experts, the organizers of the match are likely to face scrutiny and criticism. However, it is evident that both Johnson and Hughes put on a spectacular fight, and despite the unfortunate mistake by the announcer, the main event was a memorable and competitive one. The incident also serves as a reminder that mistakes can happen, even in high-profile events like a championship boxing match.


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