California Deputies Facing Investigation, Video Released To Public

In a tragic series of events last year, a California teenage girl was killed by police after being kidnapped by her own father. According to newly released video and audio footage, 15-year-old Savannah Graziano was shot and killed as she appeared to be following a sheriff’s deputy’s orders and surrendering during a gun battle on a highway.

The incident took place on September 27, 2022, when deputies from the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department pursued 45-year-old Anthony Graziano’s pickup truck for approximately 70 miles. Reportedly, shots were fired from both the driver’s and passenger’s side of the truck as the chase proceeded along Highway 15. The helicopter crew following the chase was the first to report that shots had been fired.

Finally, after the truck came to a stop on the desert interstate in Hesperia, located 35 miles north of Fontana, police found that Graziano had already shot and killed his estranged wife Tracy Martinez the day before. Martinez was also the mother of Savannah. Her younger brother had remained with her while Savannah went with their father.

As the truck stopped, Savannah exited the vehicle wearing tactical gear and a helmet from the passenger’s side. She crouched briefly before making her way toward a deputy who was shouting for her to come to him. The deputy was taking cover behind a sheriff’s department SUV. However, before she could make it to safety, she was fatally shot by other deputies who were stationed at a higher elevation.

The shocking incident, which was caught on video by a sheriff’s helicopter and witness dashboard cameras, has raised several questions about the actions of the deputies. The video clearly shows that the deputy who was taking cover repeatedly shouted at Savannah to get out of the truck and come towards him. He also screamed at the other deputies to stop shooting, stating that Graziano was in the car.

However, it is still unclear who fired the shots that killed Savannah and her father. The San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has not released the names of the deputies involved in the shooting or disclosed any information about the autopsy results for the three individuals.

Four sheriff’s department vehicles were hit by gunfire during the pursuit, and the authorities claimed to have found numerous weapons and ammunition in Graziano’s truck. The state’s Department of Justice, which is required to investigate any officer-involved shootings resulting in the death of an unarmed civilian, is currently reviewing the case.

Before the release of the video and audio footage, authorities had refused to confirm whether Savannah was killed by her father or the deputies. However, the footage clearly shows that both father and daughter were struck by rounds fired by the deputies and died of their injuries.

In light of this incident, questions are being raised about the communication and coordination between the deputies and whether their actions were necessary. There are also concerns about using excessive force and the lack of de-escalation tactics used in the situation. The tragic death of a 15-year-old girl has sparked discussions about police training and the use of force in similar situations.

The community has been left mourning the loss of Savannah and her father, as well as questioning the actions of law enforcement in this case. The investigation by the Department of Justice is ongoing, and it is hoped that the answers to these questions will be revealed soon. Meanwhile, the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department has not made any public comment on the incident, and the deputies involved remain on duty.


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