Bull Jumps Fence At Rodeo Injures 4

Four people were injured during a rodeo in Oregon on Saturday evening after a bull leaped over a fence and struck spectators in the crowd. The incident, confirmed by Sisters Rodeo, occurred just before 10 p.m. during the final event of the evening.

The dramatic moment was captured in a video by a spectator named Danielle Smithers. She recounted the ordeal to KOIN 6, saying, “I captured him completely going over the gate and disappearing. Then there’s this huge pause in the zone he came out of. It seems like people go right back to waving their lights, almost like they’re not really sure what to do.”

According to rodeo officials, the bull bolted through the rodeo grounds and eventually made its way back to the livestock holding pens. Brian Witt, vice president of Sisters Rodeo, told Fox News Digital that this was the first time such an incident had occurred in the history of the Sisters Rodeo. He noted that the contractors responsible for the bull found the event highly unusual and very rare, mentioning that while such occurrences might happen on farms, they had never experienced it at a rodeo before.

Following the bull’s escape, the radio announcer promptly activated the emergency response plan. Rodeo livestock professionals quickly responded, containing and securing the bull in a livestock holding pen. Witt explained that the bull, spooked and unfamiliar with the outside arena, was not attempting to harm anyone but was simply trying to return to the pen with the other livestock. “He was just a little scared. He wasn’t out to try and hit anybody. He was just trying to make it back to the herd and back in the chutes, just getting back with all the rest of the bulls,” Witt said.

As a result of the incident, four people sustained minor injuries. Two of the injured were taken to a local hospital for further treatment but have since been released and are back home. Witt praised the quick response of first responders and cowboys, saying, “It was remarkably fortunate that there were no additional problems. Our first responders were just remarkable in terms of being able to give immediate care. And the cowboys were just so quick to be right on top of, you know, a pretty volatile situation.”

In an official statement, Sisters Rodeo expressed their best wishes to all those affected and reiterated that the safety of their fans is their highest priority. Despite the incident, Smithers expressed her willingness to return to the rodeo, understanding the inherent risks involved. “I know this is one of those circumstances where you step into a situation like that, whether it be an amusement park or a rodeo or a zoo, for that matter, you’re always accepting the risk,” she said.

The final performance of the 2024 Sisters Rodeo took place on Sunday, June 9, as scheduled.


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