Blake Shelton Sports a Mullet Again and Wait Until You Hear What Gwen Stefani Has to Say – Watch

Have you ever wondered whether it is real love between Country singer Blake Shelton and his new bride Gwen Stefani? Well, this story will make you believe. 

Blake Shelton recently wore a mullet wig for his latest music video for his new song “No Body.” He recently revealed in an interview with Hoda Kotb of “TODAY” what Stefani thought of his hairdo.

Shelton wore a wig that ironically looked awful like what his hair actually looked like in the 90s. 

Shelton said, “I think Gwen likes the mullet. Those of us who actually wore them and then wore it out, we don’t think it’s so cool. But to Gwen, that’s like an exotic, weird thing that she was never around people that had mullets.”

He went on to say Gwen thought it was “cool” and Shelton thinks that she “probably wishes” that he had one.

Now the other woman in Blake’s life, his mother, had a completely different perspective on her son’s hair choices. 

Blake said, “When she saw it, she probably thought we weren’t moving forward in life anymore, you haven’t learned from your mistakes. It’s like, ‘What are doing?’”

Hoda also wanted to know how their life has changed since their marriage in July of 2021. Blake said that not much has changed. 

“She’s still in my phone, literally, if you look at my phone it says ‘My girlfriend.’ That’s what her contact is, she’s still my girlfriend to me,” he said.

Hoda was especially touched by this one exchange from the country legend. 

“We’ve been together for seven years but it still seems like it’s pretty new to me, like (the) nervous phase is still there,” Shelton revealed.

“That’s so sweet,” Hoda said.

Both Shelton and Stefani will be returning as judges for the upcoming season of “The Voice.”

But he also said that he won’t be going easy on his wife. 

“Hell no. Look, she’s my wife, but on the show they don’t pay me to lose, ok? I’m out to win this thing,” he said. “I don’t care how cute Camila (Cabello) is and how sweet John (Legend) is and the fact that Gwen’s my wife. They’re all going down.”

That might be the mullet talking.



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