You Won’t Believe How These Two Started Celebrating Thanksgiving Together! Watch

It was an accidental text message, but it led to a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. And now, this 2016 inspirational story is going to be a Netflix film.

It’s a heartwarming tale about a grandmother who mistakenly texted a teenage boy. It brought the two strangers together for the Thanksgiving holiday and that has now continued for the seventh year.

Wanda Dench and Jamal Hinton recently shared an update on their inspiring friendship that comes back into the spotlight every Thanksgiving. They spoke with NBC News correspondent Kristen Dahlgren on Nov. 23 on TODAY.

“I told her the cameras and the fame, everything could stop tomorrow, and nothing’s changing between us,” Hinton said.

“Absolutely,” Dench said. “He’s in my heart for life.”

“To answer all your questions, yes Thanksgiving year 7 is planned out! See you guys Thursday!” he captioned a photo on Instagram with a turkey and black heart emoji.

Comments flooded in with statements like, “the Thanksgiving tradition I never knew I needed.”

Several users said they wait each year for an update on the story, and another suggested that Hallmark should film a movie inspired by Hinton and Dench.

Well, guess what…there actually is a Netflix film in development about their friendship, although Dench told Dahlgren that they are “not allowed to talk about it.”

Their unlikely friendship started in 2016 when Dench accidentally sent a text to Hinton. She told him that Thanksgiving dinner was at her house on Nov. 24 at 3 p.m. When the teen asked who sent him the message, Dench replied, “Your grandma,” with an elderly woman emoji.

Hinton wrote back and asked if she would send a photo to make sure it really was his grandmother. She sent a selfie of herself at work and he replied with a photo of himself and text saying that she is not his grandmother. 

“Can I still get a plate tho?” Hinton asked.

“Of course you can. That’s what grandma’s do…feed everyone,” she replied with a piece of cake emoji.

The rest is history!


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