Twist In Search For Missing Diver, They Find A Different Body

A search for a missing man off the coast of Florida took an unexpected turn when searchers discovered a different body late Monday night. The St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office was notified of a man’s disappearance on Sunday, May 12, and immediately began search efforts.

However, when searchers returned with a body, it was not the missing man they had been looking for. The sheriff’s office reported that the body recovered was that of an unknown man, who had not been reported missing.

The body, believed to be of a 50-year-old, white male weighing around 200 to 225 pounds, was found roughly 16 miles northeast of the Fort Pierce Inlet by the sheriff’s marine unit. Despite their search efforts, no missing person matching the description has been reported in St. Lucie County at this time. An investigation by the Coast Guard is currently underway, and a medical exam is expected to determine the cause and time of the man’s death.

The body, which did not appear to have been in the water for an extended period of time, was discovered in the midst of an ongoing search mission for another man who went missing on Sunday. According to the Coast Guard, the search for the 39-year-old Virgil Price was suspended Monday night after covering a total of 1,415 miles over 36 hours. In a statement, Lt. Commander John Beal expressed his condolences to the missing man’s family.

The missing man, Price, was last seen on Sunday around 10 a.m. while free diving on the shipwreck of the S.S. Halsey. The wreck, which sits in about 65 feet of water, is broken into three sections and is a popular spot for diving enthusiasts.

Price was reportedly diving with three other individuals at the time of his disappearance, and it is still unclear what caused him to go missing. The Coast Guard encourages divers to follow proper safety procedures and to dive with a partner in order to prevent incidents such as this.

The unexpected discovery of a different body has left authorities puzzled, as they try to piece together the mystery of how this person ended up in the water. The body was reported to be fully clothed and appeared to have been in good condition, leading investigators to believe that the death may not have been a result of foul play. However, further investigation is needed to determine the exact cause of death and the unidentified man’s identity.

The search for Price, a resident of the nearby city of Port St. Lucie, brought together multiple agencies including the Coast Guard, St. Lucie County Sheriff’s Office, and local dive teams. Despite their best efforts, authorities were not able to locate Price during the search and rescue mission. However, they remain committed to determining the circumstances of his disappearance.

The S.S. Halsey, where Price was seen diving before his disappearance, is a known diving destination due to its historic shipwreck status. The ship was torpedoed by a German submarine in 1942 and is considered a popular spot for experienced divers. The wreck is split into three sections, making it challenging for divers to navigate, but also providing a unique experience for those who explore it.

The unexpected turn in the search mission for Virgil Price has left the community with many questions and has sparked a conversation about the safety of diving. The Coast Guard and local authorities urge anyone planning on diving to follow all safety guidelines and to always dive with a partner in case of emergency.

As the investigation into this mysterious incident continues, authorities are encouraging anyone with information to come forward.


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