Magician Kevin Li Wins Heart of Blind Man and America – Watch

Pro magician Kevin Li has been amazing to audiences and celebrities alike with his impressive sleight of hand displays. He even has made Penn and Teller fans of his work. 

However, Li just had one of his “most memorable” performances, and it wasn’t for a sold-out room. 

It was for a single person who normally would miss the magic. 

Li posted a video of the experience on TikTok, he offered a magic trick to a man who was vision impaired. At first, the man politely declined and said, “I’m blind, so the magic won’t work for me.”

But Li replied, “I really want you to experience the magic right now. So let’s try something.”

He place a quarter in the man’s hand and Li performed a trick that relied on touch and imagination instead of eyesight. 

“Imagine this coin is made out of rubber, and it’s getting warmer,” Li instructed. 

As the man clutched the coin, spoke suddenly appeared and the onlookers began to gasp. 

“Do you feel it warming up?”

“It’s warming up!” the man replied.

Li asked the man to feel the quarter getting softer and softer. 

The man, now with a big grin on his face, opened his hand to reveal that the quarter was now bending like rubber. 

“That’s yours to keep forever,” Li told the man.

“There’s always a way to experience magic,” Li wrote in the video’s caption.

Needless to say, this magic went viral very quickly and people loved how Li effortlessly made his medium more inclusive. 

“This real magic is how quickly you pivoted and figured out how to do this for him. Amazing,” one person wrote.

A fellow magician added, “I’ve been doing magic for a long time, this is hands down my favorite thing I’ve ever seen in the magic community. Beautiful.”


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