British Officials Are Asking Loving Subjects Not to Leave This as a Tribute to the Queen

The people of the United Kingdom are going to great lengths to show how much love they shared for Queen Elizabeth II. Throngs of people are lining the streets to show their respect and admiration for the 70-year reign of their beloved monarch.

And many are leaving flowers and even gifts alongside key places from the Queen’s life. 

But there is one gift that British officials are asking loving subjects to stop leaving at places like Buckingham Palace as a tribute to the late monarch…Marmalade sandwiches.

Since there queen’s death on September 8, these marmalade sandwiches have been appearing in baggies across the kingdom

Why? The queen once took part in a sketch with Paddington Bear as a part of her Platinum Jubilee.

In the video sketch, the queen and Paddington Bear are sitting together for tea. The bear shows the queen how he always keeps a marmalade sandwich under his floppy red hat. 

The queen agrees that she loves marmalade sandwiches and hides them in her purse “for later.”

The two-and-a-half-minute clip premiered on the BBC in June with Ben Whishaw, who voice the bear in the hit 2014 and 2017 movies returned for this tribute video. At the end of the video, the bear congratulated the queen on her 70 years on the throne. 

“Happy Jubilee Ma’am. And thank you. For everything,” he told her.

“That’s very kind,” the late monarch replied with a smile.

Well, that is all it took. Mourners have been leaving flowers, signs, and even marmalade sandwiches outside of Buckingham Palace in London. 

The problem is that the sandwiches are having a “negative impact on the park’s wildlife,” Royal Parks officials told the Associated Press.

It’s not just the palace, fans have left these sandwiches in places like Balmoral and Holyroodhouse in Scotland.

After the queen’s death, one Twitter account for Paddington Bear tweeted this message:

“Thank you Ma’am, for everything,” the fictional bear wrote.



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